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canon 70d Canon 70d review

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Outdoor Albania to offer online booking services to tourism

Social businesses help local Albanian tourism entrepreneurs cross the digital divide. Now, hotel websites and online booking services are available to virtually everyone.

Online PR News – 08-September-2010 – Tourism in Albania has been rising steadily in the past decade, yet few resources are available for small-scale business to ensure an even and sustainable growth. Socially-minded businesses are taking the initiative.
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Old Prishtina house

Old Prishtina house.

Originally uploaded by emanistan

This old building could date from the Ottoman period, though it’s more likely from the years of the Yugoslav monarchy between the wars. Prishtina is a fascinating place: just out of frame from this old veteran with broken windows were new glass-fronted office buildings.
I wonder if this might have originally been an inn, or perhaps a mayor’s or governor’s palace. The archway leads into a large courtyard.


Kosovo’s ancient Ulpiana in 23 minutes

On Monday in Prishtina was shown the premier of the documentary Ancient Ulpiana.

Initiated by the Council for Cultural Heritage of Kosovo, the documentary is a product of heritage foundation Dea Dardanica and Media & Film Production Cak Consulting.

For 23 minutes, producer Mumin Jashari, director Bekim with Sele and the rest of the team have reflected general information regarding the history of this locality, in order to affirm and promote its values. A trip to Ulpiana is an intro of this documentary which begins to reveal the history of a place that is a living testimony to the ancient Illyrian civilization.



Towns of Note: Berat, Albania

Morelle Smith takes a lonely, somewhat bizarre, but beautiful journey through the ancient town. Startled by a knife dropped from an unknown hand, and shown around by strange and slightly obtrusive locals, she walks cobbled streets and wild paths to look for bygone opulence, museums and orthodox churches.

Tomori Mengjes. The name of this hotel in Berat derives from the Tomor Mountains which surround the town, and the Albanian for ‘morning’ (mengjes). The picturesque name of ‘morning mountains’ however, sits a little oddly with its outer appearance. The building is a rectangular concrete block, its outer walls painted orangey-pink. As I approach it, its utilitarian shape and its lurid exterior arouse my curiosity.